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5 Brands Totally Winning Lookbooks with Shoppable Content

Before the rise of e-commerce, the fashion industry was the Regina George of the business world. The industry was an elite social club consisting of multi-million dollar brands that had an endless supply of money, connections and customers. Emerging labels stood no chance against the luxury titans: until recently.

Both a blessing and a curse, the invention of e-commerce alleviated the need for an expensive brick and mortar storefront. It tore down the Berlin Wall of commerce and millions of creatives were able to achieve their dream of starting a business. However, the influx of online storefronts translated to fierce competition. Brands today are now feeling the effects of a saturated. They are battling millions of competitors who are desperately vying for the attention of the exact same customers.

A recent study by Microsoft found that due to multi-tasking, smartphone use and content inundation, consumers can now only focus for 8 seconds, while goldfish have a 9-second attention span. That’s right, fish have longer attention spans than the average consumer. It’s more important now than ever before for brands to embrace shoppable content to effectively market customers.

Using shoppable content and visual  storytelling techniques in your lookbooks is essential to capturing customers attention. The standard backdrops and emotionless models of traditional lookbooks are ineffective when marketing to online shoppers who crave the retail experience without leaving their home. Communicating the story of a brand or collection through emotionally engaging images has proven effective in the selling of products online. A recent study by Newscred discovered that users who click on images featuring real-life people were twice as likely to convert to a sale.  With social media and website content, brands have the ability to create a direct link to their consumers through visual storytelling, which will grow your audience and increase sales.


Today we take a look at the 5 brands who are nailing the art of lookbooks with shoppable content

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