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7 Fashion Brands Crushing It With Content Marketing

There has never been a better time in history for emerging designers or independent fashion brands. Anyone with a vision now has the ability to open up a shop online in minutes, using convenient eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Etsy.  

But with an increase in accessibility comes a flood of new stores. So how do brands stand out among the competition? They blog consistently and invest in content marketing.

Time and time again, you’ve heard that brands are the new publishers— and it’s true. With consumers doing more and more research on brands and products before purchasing, harboring a relationship with your audience is one of the best ways to tap into the infinite consumer audience. In fact, 70% of consumers would prefer to learn about a company through content than an advertisement.

Here are 7 brands that are creating content that is kicking ass and taking names to inspire you on your great content marketing journey.

The Who, How and Where Approach to Content Marketing

“The Window” by Barneys shines a spotlight on the goods,  people and cultural trends their customers covet.

For department stores, windows provide a glimpse into their souls and the lines they carry. Founded in 2011, “The Window” was created to build a more intimate connection with Barney’s current and future customers.

“But The Window is much more than a spotlight on the newest, finest goods on offer,” claimed one of “The Window”’s article. “It delves into our everyday life and those very designers whose collections we covet. It’s the who, the how, the ‘where did they travel to get inspired and what did they eat for breakfast?”

the-window-barneys-new-york fashion brands content marketing

The Inspiration Behind the Designs

Gucci “Stories” highlights inspirational concepts behind each collection.

Known for its modern Italian flair, Gucci remains one of the most sought after luxury fashion houses in the world. Under the wing of a new creative director, the luxury label has re-branded its look and marketing efforts to better meet the ever-evolving needs of the newly emerging luxury consumer.

Gucci Stories” acts as a collective of advertising campaigns, photography and behind the scenes inspiration for each of its seasonal collections.

gucci stories fashion brand content marketing

Shoppable Content with an Editorial Twist

Topshop’s blog features stunning shoppable editorial content.

Fast fashion brands are no stranger to phenomenal content marketing. Topshop is no exception. Their blog offers consumers every kind of content they could ever want from styling tips, cultural opinions, and industry news.

One of Topshop’s most effective forms of content is shoppable editorial spreads that allow users to shop straight from images.

fashion brand content marketing - topshop blog

User-Generated Content on Steroids

Bonobo’s “Equateur” provides a glimpse into the lives of their customers.

Originally known for having pants with a perfect fit, Bonobos is a fashion brand all men will actually love. Now the largest U.S. clothing brand to be built on the web, the brand knows a thing or two about content marketing.

Bonobo’s “Equateur” provides a glimpse into the lives of their consumers. In other words, it’s user-generated content on steroids. Sprinkled into their content mix are gems that feature the stories and lives of Bonobos customers. This not only builds customer loyalty but puts a recognizable face to the brand name for consumers.

fashion brand content marketing - Bonobos equateur

Add a Pop of Color and A Dash of Movement

Farfetch reaches $1 billion valuation with the help of engaging visual content.

Farfetch was awarded the second highest valuation in history for a fashion startup company, and for a good reason. The online boutique stands out among competitors for its highly visual approach to content.

The blog section of the brand’s website features colorful GIFs, editorial spreads and industry trends where they highlight housed products for the current season in an interactive and engaging format.

fashion brand content marketing - Farfetch Editorial

Make it Personal

Huckberry’s “The Journal” humanizes brands building an emotional connection between their readers and products.

Huckberry is a godsend for consumers who love supporting emerging designers and independent brands. Catered mostly towards men, the brand carries everything from clothing and outdoor apparel, to cool accessories and home decor.

The company beautifully portrays the benefits of purchasing products from emerging designers in its blog, “The Journal”, by providing a behind the scenes look into the craftsmen and designers behind each brand. It successfully builds an emotional connection between readers and the products they carry by putting a face to a brand’s name.

fashion brand content marketing - journal huckberry

Sell a Lifestyle, Not a Product

The Line takes a visual first approach to content by promoting lifestyles and looks.

Master’s of storytelling in their own right, The Line was founded in a New York apartment building modeled after the home of their ideal customer. The Line’s “Stories” section takes a visual approach to content marketing, adding short cliff-notes to accompany each series of images.

This form of blogging works best for driving sales through the pairing of looks and trends.

Fash brand content marketing - The Stories The Line

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