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4 Simple Editorial Design Tips To Enhance Your Digital Fashion Lookbook

Great editorial design can transform your boring digital fashion lookbook into an immersive visual masterpiece. When done right, it emphasizes the relationship between text and visuals integrating itself into the interactive storytelling process. The combination of multiple editorial design elements impacts the storyline and determines how your story is interpreted or understood.

Using a blend of rich imagery, intricate fonts, and strategic layouts, it gives your readers an entertaining and valuable experience.

Much like magazines, interactive editorial content is best designed to capture the attention of your customers while offering an interactive experience.

Use these editorial design tips to inspire the design of your next digital fashion lookbook.

Embrace Negative Space

The use of negative space adds a bit of order to your digital lookbook. It dictates the flow and intensity of the story featured on a page. It also guides your reader’s eyes towards written content and other interactive elements that may be critical to the experience or story.


Find Your Balance

The relationship between imagery, typographical and interactive elements is essential to the storytelling aesthetic of your digital lookbook. Fashion lookbook designs should have a healthy balance of typographical, visual and interactive elements so that one doesn’t overshadow the other; unless it’s intentionally done.  

When using rich and layered visuals with textures or vivid colors, consider pairing it with shorter copy to provide a balance of creativity and structure.

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Source:Luis LiwagRobo Inc., Luis Liwag

Use Dramatic Contrast of Color

The use of bold typography and dramatic color contrast provides an excellent visual element for spicing up the design of your text-heavy pages. Pairing a dark background with vibrant text emphasizes the meaning of the written copy by using color combinations to evoke an emotional response.

When exploring color pairings, be weary of bright color combinations that may strain the eyes of readers.


Source: Matt Willey

Experiment With Your Digital Fashion Lookbook

Designing should be an explorative and joyful process. You should never feel constricted or confined to fit inside a stupid, annoying box. The most important thing to know about fashion lookbook design is it is an experimental and iterative process. You can develop a series of the same concept but express it in many visually different ways. Find inspiration in other work but don’t limit your creative process. The design should be conceptually inspired by the story, and every story is beautifully different.

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Source: Margo Baridon

Now you have a foundation to start creating beautiful digital fashion lookbooks. It’s important to know that these are tips, not rules. Design rules are meant to be broken, especially when there is a meaningful reason behind your design decisions. Take these tips and let them guide you on your journey to creating amazing editorial digital lookbooks, stories, photo series and more!

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