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It’s that time of year again when everyone is streamlining the finishing touches for their Christmas and New Years parties but truthfully I’m deep in thought with planning the next travel adventure I have in store for 2017. At the end of each year I put together a travel game plan for the upcoming spring and summer months and invest my time researching a few stylish fashion tips and the climate of the destination to be. By doing this I can make informed decisions on what to pack or purchase in advance.

With the help of earned savings using found money apps such as Acorns and Qapital, there is some delight in knowing I have an extra chunk of savings heavily protected from the plight of my weekly spending habits. It’s these small measures we take that make it possible for a unique adventure ahead.

Forget the excuses and take a risk. 2017 should be the year to cross off that one place you’ve been dying to discover on your bucket list! The following are four destination ideas containing a condensed travel itinerary and stylish fashion tip guide all-in-one. 

1. Remote Central and South American Jungles.

A trip to the jungle seems unnerving at first if you focus on how you’ll be spending time swatting bugs, but it can also provide you with one hell of a photography collection. The remote jungles of Central and South America are known for their spectacular biological diversity capable of leaving a person in awe.

Be prepared for a blooming, lush, and vibrantly thriving world.

Expect rain and prepare for muddy pathways. Pack a pair of waterproof boots, quick drying pants, and loose clothing to keep dry. Loose clothing will also prevent more bug bites. If you consider yourself eco-conscious, which you should considering your travel destination, use citronella cream as an alternative to chemical laden insect sprays. Don’t bother with an umbrella, you’ll need both hands. Resort to a light rain jacket or hooded poncho instead. Keep in mind you’ll be hiking through a canopy floor, so wearing sunglasses at all times might make it dangerously difficult to view trail markers or discover the wonderful nuances of small creatures around you.

If you plan on carrying a camera and phone, be sure to bring waterproof cases. Nothing is worse than watching an unprotected piece of technology falling in a puddle. This is the only place on Earth where you can look like a tourist and not be treated differently by the locals, so let that camera hang around your neck!

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the wondrous anomaly in a desert teeming with luxury hotels and fanciful nightlife but when you’re not sitting on the beach, there are several fashion norms tourists should be aware of. Despite Dubai’s potential for ritz and glamour, you’ll still be in a conservative country. For example there are rules for both men and women to cover the tops of their shoulders and avoid anything shorter than the knee. For women, avoid plunging necklines revealing “unnecessary” cleavage. If the heat is getting to your head, the trick is to choose lighter garments allowing for more air flow. Choose a romantic swaying maxi, or a light chiffon scarf to wrap around the shoulders if you want to wear a camisole.

Modest fashion doesn’t have to be as unsightly as is widely assumed. If you pair your pieces right, you’ll look as posh as ever.

3. Marrakech, Morocco

Treat yourself through the ancient streets of Marrakech, Morocco where the sun beams are sure to leave you with a healthy glow. Walking through Marrakech will be like walking into a rustic, bohemian wonderland full of authentic street vendors selling locally made barrels of spices, trinkets, and hand woven textiles

A common misconception western travellers have about Morocco is that you can still wear the same garb you would at Coachella.

Truth be told, Morocco is another modest country and outside of your poolside Airbnb hookup, one must respectfully wear maxi skirts, half sleeve shirts, and kaftans. Showing your legs or open chest are not considered appropriate, whether you are a man or woman. Acquire lighter and flowing fabrics you’ll be just fine. These will also protect you from a nasty sunburn. If you plan to take a day tour through the desert by camel you’ll be thankful for these style decisions when you realize the wind is blowing sand in your face but at least you have a scarf to cover up your mouth.

4. Bali, Indonesia

As someone with a deep love for tropical plants and animals outside of the beach resort environment, Bali, Indonesia is at the top of my list. What is unique about this Southeast Asian destination is that you won’t feel encapsulated in an overly remote location. Bali has a lot to offer outside of a hotel for those that love to visit sacred monuments or enjoy trekking through natural areas via hiking or backpacking.

Consider packing breathable garments that won’t stick to the skin on a humid day. If you plan on visiting a temple (which you absolutely must because they are gorgeous) consider ditching the tank top and mini shorts and dress yourself in a pair of flowing capris and a half sleeve tunic. Also bring a pair of sandals to easily take on and off. These sites often do not allow visitors to wear shoes inside.

If I have convinced you enough already to start making moves towards planning your sweet vacation, then mission accomplished. To make your packing list easier, we’ve put together a travel fashion lookbook for you! Begin by interacting with the nav arrows to flip through and click on the animating hotspots to shop. Enjoy and happy holidays!

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