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Often never seen, it is the source of inner and projected confidence.  It defines your sense of self and is a place where you are most comfortable in your skin.

The constant bombardment of news headlines and volatile political climate has awoken a collective voice many believed was buried in history. It has now become easier than ever to divide people into categories based on religious affiliations, geographic location, identity, and orientation, blinding us from those who walk a different path.

This overwhelming sense of divisiveness has left some feeling helpless and misunderstood— especially those who may stray from societal norms. However, all is not lost. Hope can arise from the most unexpected places. In the case of TomboyX, it crawls right out of your underwear drawer.

Gender Nonconforming TomboyX

The act of selecting and putting on underwear is an action most of us take part in daily. While this process may be part of a daily routine, it has a powerful impact on how most women perceive themselves. Underwear defines your sense of self and is a place where you are most comfortable in your skin. It is used to reflect mood, power, and sexuality— laying the foundation for every outfit. Often never seen, it is the source of inner and projected confidence. Underwear is the essence of how a woman’s perception of her body and overall appearance.

In a recent dissertation, Christiana Tsaousi explains the power that underwear has on the psyche. Her research revealed:

“underwear serves as a technology of changing the way these women feel about themselves, their body and their identity project…underwear is intended to be hidden from view and so wearing ‘girly,’ ‘sexy’ or ‘special’ underwear is just a case of feeling good about themselves.”


Thanks to psychological research, it’s understood that a person’s outward appearance plays a vital role in a person’s confidence and sense of self. However, Tsaousi’s recent findings regarding the impact underwear has on a person’s emotional state, and identity brings new questions to light.

What do you do when the market has ignored you?

Tomboy: a girl who
behaves in a manner
usually considered boyish

Throughout history, society has told us that gender defines our being. The anatomy assigned to us at birth is to dictate the path we follow in life. Whether it’s the jobs we take, passions we pursue, actions, interactions, or attire are all predetermined for us based on the body parts.

TomboyX and Their Not-So-Hidden Human Agenda

One brand is challenging this ideology. TomboyX is an underwear brand transforming the way underwear is made, worn and perceived. I was able to have a conversation with the Founder/CEO Fran Dunaway of TomboyX to discuss those whose needs have been ignored by the market and how they have adopted a mission of promoting its gender nonconforming movement.


Inclusivity, positivity and making the world a better place has been incorporated into the brand’s values from day one. Launching into the public eye via Kickstarter, Fran was seeking funding to create a button-down shirt for a new brand that creates clothing for women who embody the tomboy spirit. With over $75,000 raised, Fran realized she had an opportunity to make a difference.

“…We heard from women and girls
around the world who were excited
to be seen by an apparel company
for the first time. We realized we had
an instant brand and with that, an
opportunity to take a stance for things
we believe in, to be a brand with substance.”

The crowdfunding campaign sparked a conversation around the needs of transqueer and women falling on all aspects of the gender spectrum. It provided an opportunity the new businesses couldn’t ignore— a direct communication channel to a massive audience whose voice had never been heard. Seizing this opportunity, Fran listened to feedback from her ecstatic future customers.

“We started hearing from
customers that we should
make boxer briefs for women.
We did some research and lo
and behold, no one was making
them so we decided to go for it…”

Lo and behold, a new kind of underwear brand was born. A brand born from the overlooked and misunderstood. A brand inspired by the Human Agenda.

The Human Agenda is an organization and ideology with a mission of creating an environment to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of humanity. Its values span from emotional fulfillment to sustainability and the acceptance of those from different walks of life.

“All human beings should be judged by their human character, not by their skin color, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, political persuasion, possessions of material wealth, power, or control.”

Core Value, No. 7

TomboyX is more than an eCommerce company, it’s a movement that provides a platform to those who are unapologetically themselves. This empowering message is engrained in every aspect of the brand and is ever apparent in the content they create.

The brand’s exceptional storytelling can be traced back to Fran’s career history. As a student of film and career as a successful film Producer, it comes as no surprise that Fran understands the value of crafting exceptional stories. Her deep understanding of customer’s beliefs and finger on the pulse of human rights issues not only makes her a great storyteller, but a gifted marketer.

Recently, the brand released a powerful video promoting the Human Agenda, the official title of the gender nonconforming and inclusive movement, of acceptance and empowerment. “Underneath It All” features gender non-conformist model Rain Dove and encourages people to live their truths.

“When I get dressed, I don’t think about what other people think. I only think, is this me, is this my truth? Am I able to move through this world with confidence? Am I able to move through this world feeling that I am I?” says Dove. “There’s no difference between you looking your best and me looking my best— we’re just different books with different covers.”

Whether intentional or not, the video picked up steam thanks to its publishing around the time of Donald Trump’s controversial “dress like a women” statement that set social media and headlines ablaze.

TomboyX fully embodies the story they tell. It’s reclaiming the “tomboy” name and redefining the meaning of the word:

“Any girl or woman or person Who does their own thing Dresses the way they want Gets their hands dirty And keeps their mind open
Was, is, and always will be a tomboy.”

From their product, to their website and content— their message is clear: Be fearless. Be confident. And always live your truth.

View the lookbook below to read the entire transcribed interview.