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Top 25 Most Breathtaking Fashion Campaigns of 2016

As the year wraps up, fashion campaigns are coming to a close. We have put together the best of 2016 for you so you don’t have to. From the nostalgic Julian Zigerli campaign reminiscent of a DIY mixed media project to the classical and forever timeless Salvatore Ferragamo Campaign, one of these ought to spark your creative synapses just in time for the year’s end.


Marc Jacobs, Fall 2016

Marc Jacob’s Fall 2016 music video is a celebration of fabulous androgyny as the performers are bathed in warm lights against a dramatic black backdrop.  

Manson, Missy Elliott, Cara Delevingne, Courtney Love, Genesis P-Orridge and Kendall Jenner are featured faces behind the new Marc Jacobs‘ Fall 2016 campaign video created by music video director Hype Williams.


Julian Zigerli Fall 2016.17

Swiss label Julian Zigerli collaborated with photographer Yves Suter, who created the series of collages using a combination of images from the collection and family photos from belonging to Julian. The colorful array of images that makes up the collection is inspired by the designer’s childhood and the nostalgia of family memories from the late 80’s and early 90’s.

dolcegabban top fashion campaigns of 2016

Dolce & Gabbana #NAPOLI

Photojournalist Franco Pagetti at VII Photo Agency captured Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall Winter 2016.17 advertising campaign featuring models Bianca Balti, Cong He, Leila Goldkuhl, Mayowa Nicholas, and Sasha Kichigina. Pagetti captures the intoxicating allure of the streets of Napoli and the beautiful people inhabiting it.


Moschino Fall/Winter 2016

Moschino has once again spoken to us through an edgy and controversial tone, we see a duality between authority and rebellion, challenging notions behind femininity and propriety, and Ladies formally clad bearing hammers, with half torn and burnt garments, roaming through streets of rubble.

Fashion photographer Steven Meisel brilliantly captured Moschino‘s Fall Winter 2016.17 advertising campaign. The supermodels starring are Anja Rubik, Raquel Zimmermann, Stella Tennant, and Anna Cleveland. Styling by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, with makeup by beauty artist Pat McGrath, and hair styling by Guido Palau.


Chanel Pre-fall 2016

Chanel and Kristen Stewart are collaborating once again. In this campaign, the American actress is the face of Chanel‘s Pre-Fall 2016 advertising campaign under Karl Lagerfeld’s vision. Kristen Stewart is a moody wonder as she is emotionally withdrawn yet still graceful donning the classical Paris in Rome collection.


Celine Fall/Winter 2016.17

As one of my personal favorites, Celine’s Fall Winter 2016.17 advertising campaign shows us stark contrasts in form while the patterns and forms in each each are in perfect conversation with each other.

Campaign features the up and coming models Charlee Fraser, Frederikke Sofie, Karly Loyce, Lena Hardt, and Marte Mei van Haaster. In charge of photography was Juergen Teller.

Paule Ka Spring/Summer 2016

Paule Ka delightfully introduces his collection against an appropriately color clashing background. Think candy. Think Alice following the White Rabbit. Also, why do we suddenly feel hungry?

Fashion photographer Miles Aldridge at 2b Management captured Paule Ka Spring Summer 2016 womenswear campaign featuring top model Anais Pouliot. Hair styling by Kerry Warn, makeup by Isamaya Ffrench, and manicure by Michelle Humphrey.


Dolce & Gabbana Abaya Collection

Dolce & Gabbana’s stunning Abaya Collection breathes a permeating romanticism and a cherished sensitivity behind one of the world’s most ancient cultures. Others are starting to follow into D&G’s footsteps as Valentino has reported displayed a similar Mid East influence on the catwalk. You can call it globalization or call it cultural appropriation, but it never fails to impress me when I see fashion lines deliver meaningful designs to a way of life that is often dismissed in the fashion industry.

The collection was exclusively revealed on STYLE.com Arabia.


Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2016

Bottega Veneta sets the scene within the sculpture gardens of the Kroller-Muller Museum in Otterlo, against a monochromatic installation which the men and women are playing amongst. The Spring Summer 2016 campaign is meant to symbolize the intersection of outdoor life and the energy of individualism.

“Viviane’s photography has an inescapable enigmatic quality to it, a refinement and acute independence. Together we have explored both the artistic landmarks for the campaigns that are more than a backdrop but rather an added voice to our collaboration.”

– Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta Creative Director

Top model Rianne Van Rompaey stars in Bottega Veneta‘s Fall Winter 2016.17 womenswear ad. Photography by Viviane Sassen, makeup done by Sam Bryant and hair done by stylist Syd Hayes.


H&M World Recycle Week

Fashion giant H&M launched a global garment collecting campaign with a goal of collecting 1,000 tons of unwanted garment from more than 3,600 stores around the world. The fashion industry is experiencing a waste crisis. The sustainability initiative is part of H&M’s goal to implement a closed loop system in fashion, recycling unwanted garments to create recycled textile fibers for new products.


Chanel Eyewear Spring/Summer 2016

Chanel brings us a glamourous line of eyewear as Cara Delevingne is back as the face of Chanel. The supermodel and actress stars in Chanel Eyewear Spring Summer 2016 advertising campaign directed by Karl Lagerfeld.

julian zigerliss top fashion campaigns of 2016

Julian Zigerli Spring/Summer 2016 Illustrations

Julian Zigerli joins forces with Japanese artist Seitaro Ito, also known as FOXY ILLUSTRATIONS for his latest Spring Summer 2016 White Rabbit advertising campaign. Julian Zigerli has claimed much admiration for the Japanese culture. As FOXY ILLUSTRATIONS are featured on the clothing, some of the clothes themselves mimic the nature of ink and line drawings, emerging as images directly from a cartoon with dark paint on creases forming faux shadows.


Salvatore Ferragamo Fall/Winter 2016

This campaign is a celebration of play and lightheartedness which are deeply rooted values in the Italian way of life. The campaign captures the years of heritage and modernity on the classical grounds of an Italian Villa in the country.

Starring top models Ine Neefs, Ming Xi and Valery Kaufman directed by by fashion photographer Craig McDean. Styling by Marie Chaix, with hair by Eugene Souleiman, and makeup by Val Garland. Film Director: Theo Stanley Vocal Performance: James Rousseau Models: Ine Neefs, Valery Kaufman, Ming Xi, James Rousseau.


Moschino Spring/Summer 2016

Moschino brings us a pop culture explosion with a number of euphemistic elements sprawling within the environment and on the garments. Also, is it just me or was that a powerpuff girl purse?

Moschino Spring Summer 2016 womenswear campaign captured by fashion photographer Steven Meisel stars top models Fei Fei Sun, Joan Smalls, Lexi Boling, and Maartje Verhoef. In charge of styling was Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele, with makeup by Pat McGrath, and hair styling by Guido Palau. Set design is work of Mary Howard. Casting direction by Larissa Gunn.


Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2016

Vivienne Westwood‘s Spring Summer 2016 Mirror the World advertising campaign was shot around the alleys and canals, shipyards and palazzos of Venice by fashion photographer Juergen Teller. The campaign is to bring awareness to the need of construction that Venice, Italy is in.


Rag & Bone Fall/Winter 2016.17

Rag & Bone is taking us back into a retro reverie, it’s like gazing at old family photos. This juxtaposition of post-modern design and retro sensibility works well as a symbolic contrast.

Campaign stars Italian supermodel Mariacarla Boscono captured by fashion photographer Glen Luchford, and art direction led by Peter Miles.


Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2016

Roberto Cavalli’s haunting depiction of the Fall Winter 2016.17 advertising campaign shows us men and women clad in patterns found in nature, fallen flowers scattered around them, as they lay together in disheveled poses against a room with walls, floors, and ceilings covered in what appears to be a soft leather cushion. Welcome to the fabulous asylum.

Campaign was captured by fashion photographer Tim Walker with styling from George Cortina. Stars of the session are up and coming models Adwoa Aboah, Benji Staker, Erik van Gils, Lia Pavlova, Logan Flatte, Marjan Jonkman, and Odette Pavlova. Hair styling is work of Malcolm Edwards, with makeup from Sam Bryant. Casting direction by Michelle Lee.


Vladimiro Gioia Fall/Winter 2016.17

Vladimiro Gioia brings a stunning example behind the catching use of complementary colors found in garment and backdrop.

Advertising campaign captured by fashion photographer Giovanni Squatriti, starring Sami at Brave Models. Makeup done by Adalberto Pezzaioli at Freelancer Artist Agency, with hair styling from Stefano de Barbieri.


Fendi Fall/Winter 2016.17

Cat-like Kendall Jenner poses for Fendi’s Fall Winter 2016.17 advertising campaign against a luxurious layer of blue cascading ice.

Captured by Karl Lagerfeld. Styling is work of Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall. Set design courtesy of Andrew Tomlinson, with casting direction by Piergiorgio Del Moro.


Topshop Ivy Park

This campaign stands as one of our favorites, I’m sure you will guess why. The Ivy Park collection leverages the power of storytelling to form an emotional connection between the brand and the audience through a comforting and highly relatable tale of resilience. This newly released athletic line focuses on swimwear and running gear.


Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2016

The stage is set, the crowd goes wild and out comes the irresistible Tom Ford collection fit for a night to remember. Models walk down the illuminated catwalk revealing the splendor of this collection and its ability to become enhanced under spotlights.

Top models Mica Arganaraz, Lida Fox and Lucky Blue Smith work with fashion photographer Nick Knight for Tom Ford‘s Spring Summer 2016 advertising campaign.


MiuMiu Found Narratives

In Alasdair McLellan’s debut campaign for Miu Miu, American actress Amanda Seyfried plays a coy character paired with a band of mysterious of characters. The cut-and-paste style collage also speaks to us in a nostalgic tone.



Fashion Giant H&M once again releasing another line of clothing in powerful collaboration with KENZO.

Campaign stars Iman, Rosario Dawson, Chance The Rapper, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Chloe Sevigny, Suboi and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. In charge of photography was Jean-Paul Goude. The collection will be available in over 250 selected H&M stores worldwide, as well as online, from November 3rd.


M Missoni Fall/Winter 2016.17

M Missoni‘s Fall/Winter 2016.17 womenswear advertising campaign was inspired by a collection that captures the spirit of eccentricity and femininity, challenging the notions behind what it means to be posh.

Featuring model Lea Holzfuss captured by fashion photographer Mel Bles. Art direction led by Jasmine Raznahan, with styling by Vanessa Reid. Makeup by Gemma Smith-Edhouse, with hair styling by Tina Outen.


Rihanna x Fenty Puma Collection

Rihanna is presenting her first apparel line, inspired by urban and edgy streetwear.

“This collection is not only a representation of who I am and how I dress, but also pushes the boundaries of what I wanted to create with PUMA. I wanted to take PUMA to a new place with something unpredictable and unexpected. It’s Japanese street culture with a haunting twist. I played with texture and silhouettes and all of the fabrics are luxurious. I reinterpreted the traditional in my way.”

– Rihanna

Captured by fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre and styled by Alastair McKimm. Modeling by Fei Fei Sun, Cong He, Sang Woo Kim.

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