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 Bold and Fearless  Visual Storytelling
With Ivanka Hristova 

Fashion is much more than the latest trends. The best designers are artists who use the human body as a canvas to communicate a statement.

Emerging British fashion designer, Ivanka Hristova, is a perfectionist when it comes to visual storytelling and design. Her forte lies within the creation of bright avant-garde printed patterns and embroidered fabric— giving her designs a bold, yet structured and clean look.

The SS17 collection,”MOONLIT ECHEVERIA” is for risk-takers who are adventurous in style and bold in spirit. Inspired by the bright delicate flowers of succulents and the rugged beauty of cacti,  the collection embodies the brave and fearless spirit of women in all their feminine glory.

We spoke with Ivanka about the inspiration for her SS17 collection and the story behind her captivating lookbook imagery.

What is the story behind Ivanka Hristova?

The story behind Ivanka Hristova is quite long, but I will give you a quick overview.

I moved to London with my parents from Bulgaria, in 2002. I continued my studies in London throughout secondary school until I attended University— which I graduated from in 2015 at the age of 23. Throughout my time at the university, I worked in a couture fashion house to gain experience in the industry.
I have always wanted to create my own brand, and at the beginning of 2016 decided that it’s time to begin my story as a designer by  working on my debut collection SS17.

My debut collection is now available in a few concept stores, pop-up events and permanently stocked in a few others, which is absolutely amazing, as the collection took great recognition and interest.

I also have a few design collaborations planned to start within the next few weeks.

I still work in the couture house a few days a week for consistent income but have offset some of my income by working as a design consultant for a small upcoming brand a few hours a week.

The remainder of my time is spent building Ivanka Hristova out of my studio in East London.

This week, I am taking a little time away, as I am moving to a different studio in East London. With London Fashion Week being here, it’s pretty chaotic.

Once I finally move, I will start working on the new season.

Describe the characteristics and lifestyle of your ideal customer.

I picture my ideal customer as an established women (not necessarily young) with a brave sense of style. She’s not necessarily employed within the fashion industry but is definitely trend and market aware. She attends high end events and her wardrobe consists of quality and sustainability garments, rather than value for quantity goods.

What is the story of your SS17 collection?

The story behind SS is very girly, colorful, and bold. I wanted to created something that embodied the essence of a woman’s spirit: bright and brave but at the same time girly and feline.

I love the use of color, creating prints, and bold accents and I think I managed to portray it throughout the collection.

What was the inspiration behind the SS17 print?

The inspiration behind the SS17 print, started by looking at cacti and prickly plants, which then moved on to succulents, which are from the same family, yet a little more gentle and feminine.

Initially, my idea was to have machine embroidery on different levels by incorporating different textures. However, my time was running out and I had to think of a better solution of portraying the feel, as well as the look— which was to create embroidery and manually attach it to pieces.

The collection is mostly print orientated, so the embroidery is kept to a minimum.